Herbs to Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Herbs can be used as natural cures for many health conditions as evidenced in traditional Chinese medicine. Herbs can also be used when a person is having trouble with their sexual health including those that have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Male enhancement herbs have been shown to increase sexual potency as well as the hardness of an erection. These herbs have also been shown to increase sex drive and a man’s libido.

There are medications such as Viagra that are effective cures for men that have trouble getting an erection however the natural pills can do more. The herbs can increase sex drive and help a man last longer.

Most Effective Herbal Ingredients

Gingko Biloba: This herb will increase blood flow throughout the body and will allow the muscles of the penis to relax so more blood can get in them. This will allow the erection to become firmer and harder. This can be used to help stimulate the body as well.

Horny Goat Weed: This is a great stimulant for sex. It will increase the libido and can increase the release of nitric oxide in the body to open up the blood vessels.

Hawthorn Berry: This berry is good for the heart. It will allow the blood to flow to the body and increase erection size.

Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto: This herb is good for prostate health. It can also increase libido and allow the release of sex hormones to increase as well.

Catuaba: This herb can help a person that is suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety. This herb will also help improve sleep and improve nerve functioning which is needed for good sexual health. This herb can even help people in their 70s have a healthy sex life.

Muira Pauma: This herb is from South Africa and will help improve the nervous system as well as sexual health. It can be used by people of all ages.

Cuscuta or Dodder Seed: This will increase the amount of semen that a man produces which will increase this fertility. These herbs can help treat impotence and help a man get an erection.

Asian Ginseng: This herb is one of the oldest that have been used for medical purposes. It improves blood circulation and will help reduce stress levels. It can even be used to treat insomnia. This herb will help with the blood and sperm production. It is an important ingredient in many herbal supplements to help treat men with erectile problems.

Tribulus Terrestris: This herb will naturally increase the production of testosterone. It will help stimulate the pituitary glands to produce the hormone luteinizing which will stimulate the testes to produce testosterone. This is very good at treating lack of sexual desire and will help a man increase this stamina. This is a herb that is also used by body builders to help them increase their lean muscle mass.

Damiana: This herb has properties to enhance libido and help a man have a more intense orgasm. This herb was used since the time of the Mayans.

These herbs are being made into all natural pills to help men with erectile dysfunction and will help them get a hard erection without harmful side effects.

Lobelia Plant Used to Stop Smoking Naturally

People everywhere want to stop smoking when they get a chance; however there are ways to give up on smoking the right way. All natural ways are possible and won’t impose any harsh chemicals on the human body. They will feel happier and healthier in the long run too. It is better to stop smoking naturally than to use any of the conventional methods and natural therapies address more problems than conventional approaches do. Long term health improvement should be the main objective of giving up tobacco.

Lobelia plant

Detox: Most smokers will have developed a lot of toxins in their body through years of smoking. Cigarette smoke usually contains around 3500 different chemicals at any given time. Inhaling these chemicals presents a significant hazard to health as these toxins can actually cause some substantial damage to a person’s body. The natural method of stopping smoking will detoxify the body which removes harmful chemicals and helps people maintain better health. Detoxing the body should be a priority for anyone hoping to quit smoking.

General Health Improvement: Herbal ingredients are only part of the package in stopping smoking naturally but they are vital as they promote general health improvement on the whole. It takes a healthy body to ward off the effects of the chemicals. Herbal ingredients are formulated so that they can repair parts of the body. A healthy body will be better able to withstand the chemical changes now underway. Smoking cessation products are well respected for that reason and can be an excellent tool in stopping smoking.

Replacement: A last resort is replacing traditional cigarettes with a healthier alternative. Lobelia cigarettes – instead of the traditional tobacco cigarettes on the shelves – are a worthwhile approach and have produced some important results over the years too. People take note and make a significant change in their own lives as the replacement process is important to the everyday health of those involved. Lobelia cigarettes are important and helpful for anyone who wants to quit. Take a look at the packaging and decide whether the cigarettes are right for you.