Kava: An Effective Herbal Medicine For Stress and Insomnia

Kava is well known as an herbal remedy that people want to try on their own. The remedy has been used extensively on the islands of the South Pacific. But recently it has been used in other countries around the world. People are becoming aware of the health benefits offered by Kava itself. The herbal mixture has the potential to cure stress and insomnia in a lot of patients. Get familiar with the important details related to Kava over time too. Find the herbal mixture on the shelves as capsules or tea. There are various remedies made from the Kava compound.

Why Use Kava?

People surely have a lot of questions about Kava itself on the market. People want to be sure about Kava before they give it a try for themselves too. Traditionally, the root of the plant was chewed to enjoy the medicinal properties. That root could also be combined in to a healthy drink. People in the South Pacific have used the mixture for quite some time now as well. The root is well known for the sedative properties that it will provide to people. Sometimes, people use Kava to mix an alcoholic drink for their guests as well.

Treat Insomnia: South Pacific cultures have found that Kava can help them sleep at night. That is owing to the sedative properties that the herbal root will contain. Kava has the potential to revitalize health after a short amount of time. Get to sleep better at night and ward off the effects of insomnia as well. Kava can be consumed by just taking capsules as indicated. Take the Kava capsules for a while to observe the effects that can have overall. Insomnia can be overcome and patients will get better sleep at night. Expect to be well rested and revitalized in a short amount of time.

Relieve Stress: Some people tend to be affected by their own stress levels too. Kava can actually relieve stress and help people feel better in a short amount of time. Kava root is proven to minimize the effects of stress in good time too. Avoid taking large quantities of Kava root and minimize any complications in time. Always use Kava as indicated and get good sleep at night. That can also relieve people of the anxiety that they might be feeling. Many indigenous cultures in the South Pacific have made headway using that strategy.

Precautions About Kava: There are some side effects people might feel when taking Kava. The root is sure to get the job done for insomnia or anxiety. But greater amounts can also trigger some dangerous side effects over time. Kava root is dangerous and people are waiting to see how they can manage their symptoms. Treat sleep related issues by always using the root as indicated. People appreciate the convenience and ease of use when it comes to Kava root. They can improve their health and manage their symptoms in time. Seek medical assistance if the symptoms tend to persist overall.

Auriculotherapy And Phytotherapy Used for Cancer Treatment

Auriculotherapy Explained

Ear acupuncture, also known as Auriculotherapy is a kind of therapy that involves the piling of needles inside the ear. The historical roots of this exercise date back to the amazing antiquity of people surrounding the Mediterranean, the Hippocrates, and western medicines’ father. Scarifying the posterior ear was considered as a cure and prevention against sexual impotence and an appropriate solution to treat sciatica.

Some ear diseases were believed to cure by use of therapeutic scarifications. The principles of Auriculotherapy are based on conventional medicines and also the western use of a specific point of the ear. This specific points that normally correspond to the somatotopic parts of the body which seem distant such as the muscles of the spine, the stomach and several others. By inserting needles, reflex actions are caused which in turn will induce stimulation of the neurogenic types in tissues and organs of the human body. In this discipline case, the concept of the disease in terms of therapeutic medicine remains the same. The only thing that changes is the way therapy is conducted. The gallstones and gastritis are the same diseases as described in the treaties.


The administered in the treatment of nausea in these diseases is always the same and seldom varies according to the patient’s eating habit personality. Extensive research is developing slowly in this field, although Auriculotherapy has been proved to relieve pain in cancer patients.


This deserves a special mention since herbal medicine is the closest discipline to the natural conventional medicine. This is because it uses chemicals contained in plants, with organic farming activities. Herbal medicines involve using medicinal plants and their derivatives in treatment and prevention of diseases. This happens due to the pharmacological properties and chemical constituents present in a plant. A medicinal plant can, therefore, be considered as a container of chemicals, which are at times isolated and used in therapy, as a major source of raw materials for the production of drugs. Herbal medicine is a very promising solution in the cure for cancer, used as a prevention measure with complementary radiotherapy, chemotherapy or even surgery. Herbal medicine is also as an immunostimulant, to facilitate the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, radiodermatitis and for combating other common symptoms such as constipation, fatigue, depression and much more.

Would You Use Plant Extracts For Cancer Treatment?

Many studies have confirmed that indeed there exist pre-clinical anticancer activities of substances that are contained in most plants. Another thing to note is that the substances from plants could be toxic, which may cause serious interactions with normal pharmaceutical drugs in a case taken concurrently. This could also contribute highly to allergic reactions of the body. Because of all these reasons, extracts of suitable fit have to be used, quality has to be controlled, and Standardization of active ingredients which have been purified from dangerous for confusions. For instance, patients with cancer usually use aloe smoothies and honey. Chemotherapy’s effectiveness is normally cut off by strong substances that are contained in the plants. Cancer treatment is sensitive, and you, therefore, need to consult an oncologist before embarking on the healing process.